Panel Mount Linear Potentiometer

Breadboard friendly cheap panel mountable potentiometer

diagonal view of potentiometerpotentiometer with boltspotentiometer mounted on breadboardLinear taper potentiometer
power rating 3.3V
power rating 2.54MM

A cheap classic linear taper variable resistor. Want to dim some LED's or add an analog input to your Arduino? This is what you need.

Practical Information:

The B10k potentiometer has three terminals. The first one is used for ground, and the other two are used for input and output. If wired correctly you can read the difference in potential (volts) across the input and output of the potentiometer.



Wiring it up

To wire up this potentiometer, make sure to wire pin one (leftmost pin if the knob is pointing to the sky) to ground. You can wire the VCC out of your microcontroller to the second pin on the potentiometer, and the third pin to an input pin of your microcontroller. You can measure the difference from 5V (or 3.3V depending on your microcontroller) to determine how far the potentiometer has turned.

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