Nixie Tube

Create beautiful things with cold-war era tech.

power rating 3.3V
power rating 2.54MM

Use this super cool looking nixie tube in all kinds of awesome projects. Use it as a countdown timer for the next SpaceX launch or a cool clock. This Nixie tube is the IN-14 variant. This means the size is about the same as a human thumb and has bottom mounted connectors.

Practical Information:

To wire up the nixie tube to an Arduino you'll need a K155ID1 nixie tube driver. And to top it up, you'll also need a high voltage (170V) DC power supply to supply the firing voltage.  


To wire everything up, supply 12V to the power supply and solder a 10K resistor to the anode. Then connect the negative wire to the resistor(anode), and the positive wire to the cathode that corresponds with the number you want to fire up.  


Read more detailed docs about wiring to an Arduino over at the K155ID1 nixie tube driver page!

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