High Voltage DC Power Supply 85-235V

When you need some serious Volts.

power rating 3.3V
power rating 2.54MM

This NCH6100HV high voltage power supply is designed for items requiring lots of Volts. It can take in input Voltage of 12V or 24V and has an output ranging from 85V to 235V. You can set this output votage with a very precise potentiometer.

Practical Information:

This pieces of equipment is wired quite simply however BE VERY CAREFUL WITH HIGH VOLTAGES!


To wire it up, connect your 12V or 25V VCC and ground to the VIN and GND pins of the power supply. The GND and DC pins are now live with an output voltage ranging between 85V and 235V. To increase the output voltage turn this knob clockwise.


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